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Your child deserves a Miami, FL, pediatrician who will treat him or her with gentle, loving care. At Kidstown Pediatrics, LLC, we offer children of all ages effective treatment for what ails them.

We can care for sick and well children alike, so feel free to bring your infant in for regular checkups or make an appointment for your sick toddler. Our schedule is flexible, with some weekend and evening appointments available. In addition, we offer emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, perfect for when your baby is fussing in the middle of the night or if your older child has a high fever.

The following are some specific treatments we offer:

  • HPV vaccination
  • Medical care for asthma
  • Treatment for ADD/ADHD

We realize it can be stressful to have a sick child who needs treatment, and this is why we provide prompt care. We also make sure to pay attention to the details while helping our young patients feel comfortable in our office. Whether you have a newborn or are looking for a new physician for an older child, we are confident we can provide the treatment he or she needs throughout childhood.

If you want your Miami, FL, pediatrician to treat your children for years, meeting all their medical needs, call Kidstown Pediatrics, LLC today. We are experienced, caring, and trustworthy.


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